Magic Hour|Happy Hour – February 12, James Hoban’s in Dupont Circle




Well you’ve asked for it, and we’re bringing it back! Coming February 12th to a bar near you (if you happen to live in Dupont Circle)– the return of the Magic Hour | Happy Hour! Yes, that special time of day when the last golden rays of the sun rake long shadows across the landscape, we’ll be spending indoors with a beer in our hands. This is the time recap some harrowing holiday happenings, catch up with friends, and maybe even meet that special someone a mere 48 hours before Valentine’s Day.


The When

Wednesday, February 12th, from 6pm to whenever we decide to leave

The Where

James Hoban’s
1 Dupont Circle
Washington, DC 20036

The Why

It takes a village to raise a photographer.

© Copyright 2018, American Photographic Artists Washington, D.C.