Rental Studios


Hoist Studio

HOIST is a photographic studio in Northern Virginia that supports the work of artists and creative professionals. We offer daily, half-day, and multi-day studio rentals to the general public, and also serve as the everyday working studio for our resident photographers. The space is 2450 square feet, with an unobstructed 70-by-35-foot shooting area and 16-foot ceilings.

 2807 Merrilee Drive, Suite E 
Fairfax, VA 22031

DC Studios

Owner Barry Soorenko opened Photogroup’s studios in 1995 in an abandoned World War II-era factory. After a modern redesign, the studio still retains the industrial warehouse aesthetic. Photogroup’s studios have become the premier studio rental space in the D.C. metro area.

Photogroup Inc.
8040 Georgia Ave., Suite 180
Silver Spring, MD 20910
fax: 301.495.9388

Softbox Studios

Softbox Studio features 950 sq. ft. of shooting loft space with 30′ ceilings, 10′ garage door (southern exposure), and access to grip equipment, Alien Bee strobes, stereo equipment, changing room, and a 30″ Apple Monitor.Membership tiers and hourly rates are available.

2724 Dorr Ave Bay #3

Fairfax, VA 22031


The Studio at Dulles

The Studio at Dulles is a 2,400 Square Foot facility with 40 Foot ceilings, divided into three unique shooting areas. The Studio at Dulles also has a dedicated changing room and makeup artist area as well as a large selection of wardrobe and props.

21580 Atlantic Blvd
Sterling VA 20166
Suite 123