The 4th Annual DC Creative Happy Hour… “Let’s buy them a Drink!”

Presented by APA|DC Washington DC

Local 16
1602 U St NW
Washington, DC 20009
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Tuesday, February 20, 2018
Program: 6:30 PM to 10:00 PM

APA Member $15.00
At the door:
APA Member $15.00

The fourth annual DC Creative Happy Hour… “Let’s buy them a Drink!”

A members only event hosted by APA DC and ASMP DC. You must be an current member in order to attend this event. 

The DC chapters of APA and ASMP have invited AAF DC, AIGA, AMA DC, and other movers and shakers in the industry for drinks, light conversation, and general good cheer. Meet and connect with designers, art directors, photo editors, photographers and other members of DC’s growing visual creative industry.

Your registration fee entitles you to one drink and also buys a drink for one of our “gatekeeper” guests! Lite fare will also be provided.


Please no portfolios, this is a good cheer networking event. Let’s keep it friendly. If you wish to have a photo projected during the event please email a medium sized jpg (1200px) to events@apdc.com Subject: Creative HH Photo.

APA|DC Mentorship Program 2018

Who can join?

New members who sign up as an associate or above OR existing members who want to increase their membership level. Our mentorship program offers you the unique opportunity to expand your photographic knowledge and skills. The topics you will cover will arise from your individual needs and questions. All questions should be directed to director@apadc.com.


Meet your Mentors


Cameron Davidson is a co-founder of the APA DC chapter. Known for his aerial and location imagery, Cameron has photographed around the world for a healthy mix of corporate, editorial and advertising clients.  He has published six books and his images were recently selected, for the forth time, to appear in the Lurzer’s 200 Best Advertising Photographers Worldwide. His work has also been published in Photo, Communications Arts and American Photo annuals. In 2012, the U.S. Postal Service published his aerial of Blackwater Refuge in the Earthscapes series of forever stamps. He has shot on assignment for Vanity Fair, National Geographic, Nature Conservancy, Wired, Audubon among others.




Matthew Rakola is a commercial and editorial photographer with 16 years of professional experience in both Boston, MA and the Washington, DC regions. He specializes in “real people” photography and has worked for clients such as the Ad Club, Google, National Geographic Kids (four books), Price Waterhouse Cooper, and Thomson Reuters, as well as many trade publishers and Universities around the country. He’s a past chair of the D.C. chapter of American Photographic Artists. His work can be found at www.rakola.com.


Robb Scharetg  is a commercial and editorial photographer and is currently on the board of APA|DC. His work and complete bio can be found at https://www.scharetgpictures.com/Me/1.


Renée Comet is a noted advertising photographer specializing in food photography. Whatever the subject, her visual treatment can best be described as uncomplicated, fluid, and elegant. Her distinctive work has appeared in advertising, packaging, cookbooks and digital content. Some of her clients include: PopCorners, FoodNetwork, Glutino, Australian Lamb, Marriott International, USDA, Ritz-Carlton, US Postal Service and American Diabetes.



Mentees should fill out the accompanying questionnaire and send it, along with a link to images (website, Dropbox, or similar) no less than 4 days before the first in person mentor/mentee (hereafter “team”) meeting.

The team will have a lot of freedom to coordinate schedules and meetings/check-ins and after this initial meeting. They will occur no less than once a month on a regular basis for possibly up to 6 months, and mentor should attempt to make time to offer advice and insights on an as-needed basis.

This agreement constitutes a voluntary agreement between both parties. Mentees may be invited to shadow on jobs without pay, but any invitations to actively assist on an assignment should be accompanied by standard compensation.

American Photographic Artists and APA|DC assume no responsibility for quality of mentorship or for any disagreements that result from the pairings. However, we understand that some matches may not be a good fit and will, in good faith, seek to remedy any fundamental issues. Please address any questions or concerns to director@apadc.com.


When will the sessions begin?

You will receive an email outlining instructions with how to get started and with an introduction to your mentor.

Where will the sessions be hosted?

All of our APA|DC mentors are full time professional photographers, and will work with you to schedule an agreeable date and time to meet. The sessions will vary on each persons individual needs.

Questions to consider before your meeting

  • In one sentence, why do you want to be a professional photographer? (I.e. why do you want to do this for a living, as opposed to a hobby?)

  • Are you interested in photographing people, places or things? (Portrait or event photography, architectural/travel photography, or product/food photography?) All of the above?

  • Name some photographers whose photography you admire.

  • Name some photographers who you admire career-wise. 

  • Name a few ideal clients you’d love to have. It could include brands like Nike, Under Armor, companies/organizations like the UN or the World Wildlife Fund, or editorial clients like Vanity Fair, The Washington Post or Mens Health.

  • What skills, aside from photography do you bring to the job that sets you apart from others? (i.e. video, graphic design, people skills, marketing skills, not requiring sleep skills, etc.)

  • What challenges do you think you’ll have in this career? (bookkeeping, editing, marketing, etc.)

  • Imagine your life in 10 years. What does it look like? Do you run a physical photo studio? Are you living in D.C.? Do you have people working for you?

  • Have you written a business plan?

Capture One Pro Version 11 Workshop

Capture One Event

Come join us for a in-depth training of Capture One Pro Version 11, the raw converter and image editing software developed from Phase One. Capture One continues to lead the way in RAW file image editing. The software is the  industry standard for commercial photography.

Capture One 11 introduces an updated processing engine, market-leading performance, and powerful new features. The highly responsive tools give you the power to create stunning images from your camera’s RAW files, in a time-saving workflow that can be customized to fit your needs. Capture One 11 is made by Phase One, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-end digital camera systems, in collaboration with the world’s leading professional photographers.

Through the first all day session, Capture One Integration instructors will teach the ins and outs of the software including tethered capture, image processing and image organization and workflow.

The second session will be a one-on-one mentoring day with examples and further instruction from APA DC Members, Cameron Davidson and Carlton Wolfe. (Second session is contingent upon attending the first session.)



Saturday, January 20, 2018;  9 a.m. until 3 p.m.

Saturday, January 27th, 2018;  9 a.m. until 3 p.m.


January 20th:

Renee Comet’s Studio, 2141 Wisconsin Ave, Washington, DC 20007

January 27th:

HOIST Studio, 2807 Merrilee Dr, Fairfax, VA 22031

Pricing: $99 for Leaders/Professional APA members; $125 for other APA members; $150 for the general public

Registration: Begins December 11th for Leaders/Professional APA members; January 2nd for all APA members; January 8th for general public. Only 20 spaces available so register early to get a spot.

Eventbrite Link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/capture-one-pro-11-training-tickets-41191560065


Capture Integration is the source for high-end digital photographic consultation, sales, training, support and rental in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Miami, and New England. Capture Integration offers the industry’s most exclusive brands including Phase One, Mamiya Leaf, Hasselblad, Cambo, ALPA, Sinar, Profoto, Broncolor, Leica, Canon, Eizo and Arca Swiss. They have developed a software with the ambition of enabling you to achieve your creative vision through a smooth, efficient workflow; making it the professional’s choice in imaging software.


Steve Hendrix With 16 years experience at Imacon, SinarBron, Phase One, and now at Capture Integration (since 2009), Steve has built an international reputation as a straight shooting expert on high end photographic solutions and workflows. As an industry analyst and hands-on user, Steve understands the possibilities and limitations of photographic equipment in real world terms, rather than marketing data sheet claims. Most importantly, Steve’s core belief is that high end equipment should always be married to high end service. “Capture Integration is a perfect environment for me, a company that top to bottom embraces the very best technology solutions, but critically, combines that with the hardest working, most knowledgeable, honest, and service-oriented people in our industry”.

Personally, Steve loves photography, and renovating…well, pretty much anything. Steve somehow lucked into being married to the #1 partner and wife in the known universe, and has an amazing daughter, who has her own family, including a devoted husband and 3 energetic sons. Throw in a goofy dog and 3 cats, (who have their own homemade external 12’ x 12’ cat enclosure), and Steve is kept busy, entertained, and fulfilled.

Brad Kaye started shooting with a SLR when he was twelve in the northern suburbs of Detroit and was doing in-camera-masked 4×5 composite images when he was seventeen. At that time he started to shoot commercially and assist architectural photographers, years before the viability of digital capture and personal computer based retouching, prepping him for the inevitable full transition to the digital workflow as a product and architectural photographer, digital asset manager of 120 Terabytes of images, retoucher and Adobe beta contributor for Photoshop and Lightroom. Completed a B.A. in Advertising from Michigan State while assisting, shooting and rebuilding car engines then 6/8th’s of the program at Portfolio Center in Atlanta, learning from the expertise of various established local photographers as part of his curriculum.

Passionate about educating his three children, inventing, problem-solving, collaborating, studying esoteric sciences, yoga and driving high (and excessively low) horsepower automobiles, Brad has returned to Atlanta after the conclusion of a three year ‘northern experiment’ of relocating his Savannah-native wife to the solid weeks of negative double digit winter temperatures in Michigan. Will miss hand chopping cords of wood for the fireplace, just a little bit… still has the axe, just in case.

Cameron Davidson is a co-founder of the APA DC chapter. Known for his aerial and location imagery, Cameron has shot around the world for a healthy mix of corporate, editorial and advertising clients.  He has published six books and his images were recently selected, for the forth time, to appear in the Lurzer’s 200 Best Advertising Photographers Worldwide. His work has also been published in Photo, Communications Arts and American Photo annuals. In 2012, the U.S. Postal Service published his aerial of Blackwater Refuge  in the Earthscapes series of forever stamps. He has shot on assignment for Vanity Fair, National Geographic, Nature Conservancy, Wired, Audubon among others.


Carlton Wolfe is a board member of APA DC and has been behind one camera or another for 21 years and is currently based out of Washington DC. He is the creator of HOIST studio and the founder of the Aesthete Equipment Company. In a related industry, Carlton is also the creator of ImageMIST, which is a sales, distribution, and management tool for intellectual property.


Renée Comet is a noted advertising photographer specializing in food photography. Whatever the subject, her visual treatment can best be described as uncomplicated, fluid, and elegant. Her distinctive work has appeared in advertising, packaging, cookbooks and digital content. Some of her clients include: PopCorners, FoodNetwork, Glutino, Australian Lamb, Marriott International, USDA, Ritz-Carlton, US Postal Service and American Diabetes.


Blink Bid Event / Nov. 7th


Join us on Tuesday, November 7th at Dupont Underground for an evening with Lou Lesko from Blink Bid. Add a business related event to your FotoWeek schedule!


Dupont Underground (Entrance next to the Starbucks on the north side of the circle)


Doors open at 7, presentation starts at 7:30


Tickets for APA Members: $10.00, Tickets for Non-Members: $15.00

You can purchase your tickets HERE.


About the event:


The photo industry is going through radical changes. Getting a commercial photography job requires more savvy than ever. You need to know how to write treatments, produce library shoots, and understand the future of usage licenses.

BlinkBid founder, Lou Lesko will be presenting a hardcore, no-holds-barred practical seminar on the expectations for landing a job in the current market. He will present a real world brief from art producer Suzee Barrabee, formerly of Goodby, as well as the treatment and the three versions of the bid it took to win the job.

After the event, the entire presentation will be available to everyone to use as reference for your own jobs. If ever there was an opportunity to get a true view of the industry, this is it.

About Lou:

Lou Lesko is an American entrepreneur who began as a photographer and writer. He started by shooting pictures in the fashion industry and then expanded his métier to include photojournalism so he could travel to splendid places on someone else’s dime. His work has been published worldwide and has been recognized as “pretty gosh darn good” by a few award bestowing associations.

He is a graduate of the University of Southern California’s writing program, a Lowell Thomas Award winner for photojournalism, and a former editor at National Geographic Assignment. His latest project is BlinkBid, the world’s best bidding and production software for creatives.



2017 APA|DC Portfolio Reviewers

Reviewer Biographies


 Jill Foley, Photo Editor, AARP & National Geographic Science and Books

Jill Foley is an independent photo editor in the Washington DC metro area. Currently, she edits for AARP and National Geographic Science and Books. She has previously edited pictures for Discovery Communications, Smithsonian Magazine, and Education Week. She is a graduate of Boston University’s Masters in Photojournalism program, an alum of the Kalish Visual Editing Workshop, and an active member of Women Photojournalists of Washington (WPOW).


Caroline Sheen, Photography/Art Editor, Air and Space/Smithsonian Magazine

Caroline has been the Photography/Art editor for AIR&SPACE/Smithsonian magazine since its inception over three decades ago.  In that role, she contributes to the look and feel of the publication, known among aviation journals for its visual taste and impact.

While the subject of A&S/Smithsonian is limited to aerospace, her background and experience as an editor in the magazine publishing business is not.

Prior to A&S magazine, she was a Photo Editor for the National Geographic Book Division and Traveler magazine. She graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design and is an alum of the Missouri Photo Workshop. She began her career as a shooter for a small town newspaper in Vermont, later moving to NYC as freelance photographer. To this day she keeps her hand in the craft, having recently toured with the Collings Foundation’s Wings of Freedom barnstorming tour of restored WW II bombers and fighters to produce the images used in that story.

A founding member of the International Society of Aviation Photographers, she served on its Board of Directors for 12 years, still active with the organization. She has judged numerous photo contests over the years, and been involved with various photo workshops including the Maine Photo Workshop. (now Maine Media Workshops and College)

A student of the photographic arts, she maintains an extensive collection of photography books and has a deep appreciation for the greats and early masters of the form to share with the current generation of working photographers.

Ever the adventurous photographer/editor, she has flown with the Patriots formation jet demonstration team and hop rides in a wide variety of vintage and classic airplanes in search of images.  Her love of both flight and photography are infectious. She lives outside Washington, D.C with a house full of evocative images and a Maine Coon, Amelia.


David Sanchez, Associate Creative Director, Creative Studio

David Sánchez is Associate Creative Director for Creative Studio, a full-service multidisciplinary group that brings ideas into the market and creates powerful brand experiences, products and services that are results-focused communication strategies and programs for our clients at APCO Worldwide.

Within Creative Studio, his role allows him to work with selected number of clients such as Exelon Corporation, IKEA, Intuit, The Coca-Cola Company, CSX, Pfizer, Merck, eBay, GSK, Mars Incorporated, Exxon Mobil, Freddie Mac, Lockheed Martin, United Airlines, Microsoft, MasterCard Worldwide, Nike and most recently Danfoss Group.


Tina Caye, Creative Director, Capital One

I believe life is meant to be an adventure.

My life and career path has been nothing short of that. I come from humble beginnings in a tiny town of 750 people in Southern Illinois where I left to attend Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in Savannah, GA, where I studied Motion Media Design and Dance. I started out freelancing and tending bar while doing odd-job animations and logo designs living in Savannah and then embarked upon my next grand adventure – Hawaii. While there, I worked for a green energy startup and a small advertising agency as Creative Director and fell in love with the job. I’ve been working in that capacity since. I’ve tried it all, from advertising to startups, a healthcare IT firm, government consulting firm and now financial services.

I’ve also recently ventured out to start my own adventure consulting firm, Cavalcade, where I work to make the world a smaller place by helping people get out into the world and explore the unknown with passion and imagination. I believe if we remain curious and passionate, life becomes a story worth telling. I get a real rush out of finding people’s hidden passions and talents and empowering them to do their best work. Leadership is something I take seriously and leading a team is my real passion.


Cory Lawerence, Creative Content Producer, Discovery Communications

Cory Lawrence is a Multi-Platform Creative Content Producer at Discovery Communications. He works in the In-House Agency producing marketing shoots and creating content for various social media projects. He recently started a consulting business helping photographers market themselves on Instagram. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Fine Art from the University of Southern Indiana.


Kat Scott, Art Director, Fathom Creative

Kat is an Art Director, hand lettering enthusiast and avid Polaroid collector. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication from the University of Oklahoma. Following graduation, she worked as a designer, and later, an art director at one of the nation’s largest arts & crafts chains. She was responsible for the concept, coordination, and direction of website and social media imagery, as well as a triweekly email blast reaching over 1.5 million viewers. Currently, Kat is an Art Director at Fathom Creative in D.C., where she brings complex ideas to life through creative designs.


Jamin Hoyle, Art Director, Freelance

Jamin is a full-time freelance creative & art director based in Washington DC. A graduate of VCU Brandcenter, Jamin has worked for clients large and small in some of DC’s best creative advertising shops. His work has been recognized in Communication Arts, Lürzer’s Archive, the Art Director’s Club Annual, Graphis, Print Magazine, and the New York Times. The first children’s book that he illustrated will be published in November 2017.


LOUISE SALAS, AD/CD, lms creative, Creator :: Host, Designated Drinker Show

They say that a stranger is just a friend you haven’t met. They say it, but Louise lives it. As an advertising creative director, and the creator and host of the Designated Drinker Show podcast, there’s one thing that she knows for sure, and that’s that there’s always more to discover. More friends to meet and more things to experience. Especially when it comes to great food and drink. To some people, “eat, drink, and be merry” is just an expression. For Louise, it’s an instruction manual for how to live life to the fullest.


Stacy Swiderski, Creative Consultant & Photo Editor, Freelance

Stacy Swiderski is a Creative Consultant and freelance Photo Editor. Previously she was the Senior Photo Editor at Wonderful Machine, a global photography agency with a network of over 700 photographers, where she worked for 3 years before launching her freelance career. On a daily basis she consults with and advises photographers on all aspects of their work and brand, from creative direction and portfolio development to web site edits and print portfolio production. Before working with Wonderful Machine, she worked in Higher Education as a Photography Professor and as a fine art photographer. She holds an MPS in Digital Photography from The School of Visual Arts and a BFA in Photography from Parsons School of Design.


Campbell Kawka, Designer/Art Director, ISL

Campbell Kawka is a Sr. Art Director with iStrategyLabs in D.C., a creative advertising agency that specializes in campaigns and content that helps brands grow. Our main clients include Volkswagen, Kroger, Boston Beer Company, and Johnson & Johnson.

Before joining ISL, Campbell studied graphic design at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). Upon graduation she held a job as an art director at Ogilvy NY before heading abroad to work with several outdoor fashion brands in Switzerland. When she’s not at her desk sketching concepts or running around D.C. with a photo or video team, she can be found hiking the mountains in Shenandoah or fishing the streams in Pennsylvania with her family.


Claudia Barac-Roth, Associate Creative Director, Marriner

Claudia has over 20 years of design and art direction experience in New York and local area agencies. She has helped develop and clarify brand identities, created successful marketing tools for business-to-business and hospitality clients, in addition to her success in publishing, retail fashion and non-profit organizations. Claudia has worked for a diverse group of clients, such as, The Ritz-Carlton, Cambria hotels & suites, Choice Hotels, Dannon Inc., Phillips Foods, Sugar Association, Campbell Soup Company, Marriott Hotels, Pace Salsa, V8 Beverages, Flavia, SeaWatch, Coca-Cola USA Fountain, Perdue Foodservice, Sara Lee, Sodexho, Betty Crocker, Rich’s, Redbone Foods, Simon & Schuster, Macy’s and Hershey’s.  She seeks inspiration from the multi-ethnic background she comes from and searches for creative solutions that link the advertising promise to the design performance and make both work in harmony for a bold, strong communication piece.

Her work has won awards including Print, AGA, HOW, GDUSA and Addy’s Regional and District II.


Gretchen Carswell, Creative Director, MDB Communications


Nicole Cantarella, Associate Creative Director, Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation

Nicole and art have always gone together, like peas in a pod. As a little girl, she loved to color and create books and posters using any art supplies she could find. Today, she uses her creative mind to help the marketing team brand MCEDC, including the website and identity system, conceptualizing for print and digital, and developing collateral and tradeshow materials. She’s a visual thinker with a passion for art direction, storytelling, and design.

Her experience includes work at advertising agencies, in-house creative and design studios, working for companies including GMMB, Discovery Communications, Johnson & Johnson, Nestlé, AARP and Toys ”R” Us.

A graduate of the Corcoran College of Art + Design, Nicole is excited to tell the story of Montgomery County through marketing initiatives, outdoor campaigns, branding, and social. She lives and works in the county, and enjoys finding new parks and exploring hot spots around town like RIO Washingtonian Center and Downtown Crown.

She lived overseas for most of her childhood as the daughter of a State Department Foreign Service Officer — not many kids can say they’ve lived in Belgium, Canada, Chad, Djibouti, France and Mexico. Being a child of the world helped Nicole gain a different perspective and appreciate diversity. But the one place that always felt like home was Montgomery County. She’s happy to be back to raise her kids in a county that has top schools and values diversity.

Professionally, she plans to join the Art Director’s Club of Washington, DC and AIGA, a professional association for designers. Personally, she still loves to color with her kids.


Julie Hau, Associate Photo Editor, National Geographic Magazine

Julie Hau has worked as an editorial and commercial photographer in the US and and abroad. In 2016, she transitioned over to photo editing, first working with the art department at Harper’s Magazine and Viewfind.com before taking on her current full-time position as an associate photo editor for National Geographic magazine. She lives in Arlington, Virginia with her husband and baby girl.


Kai Fang, Executive Creative Director, Ogilvy Washington

Kai Fang joined the Ogilvy Washington office in 2015 to lead a world-class, award-winning creative department and spark a creative renaissance at one of DC’s premiere content & social agencies. He is responsible for setting the creative tone and maintaining the standard and quality of the creative work across the office. With nearly two decades of agency experience developing digital and traditional communications for both Fortune 500 companies and leading advocacy groups across the country, Kai specializes in developing compelling content that engages audiences. Kai is the lead creative on the content development for the American Chemistry Council’s ‘Plastics Make It Possible’ campaign as well as launching Ogilvy’s Center for Innovation and Creative Technology, resulting in FEMA’s first virtual reality experience, Immersed, which helps Americans visualize flood risk in a new and innovative way.

Prior to joining Ogilvy, he was the creative lead at Digital Management Inc. in Washington, DC and the chief creative officer of Big River in Richmond, VA. His vita also includes tenure at agencies such as Mullen, BBDO, and Arnold Worldwide.

Kai is nationally recognized for conceptual and strategic development of large, fully integrated advertising and branding campaigns with proven expertise in emerging media, user experience, ideation, app development, content + social engagement and new business development. Client experience includes McDonald’s, Choice Hotels, AT&T, Wachovia, T.J. Maxx, Five Guys and ExxonMobil.

Mr. Fang has also served as adjunct faculty at Montgomery College, Maryland College of Art & Design and The Creative Circus.

Kai’s creative work has appeared in Communication Arts, One Show, Adweek, Creativity, Clio’s and the Emmy’s. In addition to judging this years Baltimore Addy’s, he has served as an awards show judge for The Dallas Society of Visual Communications and The Philly Golds.


Shawn Huddleston, Creative Director, Rosetta Stone


Bill Cutter,Creative Director, SmithGifford

Bill has been in the advertising world for 35 years, the last twenty in the DC area. He has led creative teams at agencies in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit and Washington, DC working on clients like Amtrak, Norfolk Southern, The Washington Post, Mazda, PBS, L.L. Bean, MyEyeDr. and The Nature Conservancy. Originally from Detroit, Bill is a graduate of the College for Creative Studies located in the Motor City. When not working, he spends his time traveling overseas, enjoying a nice glass of wine. Maybe two.


Kevin Richards, Chief Creative Officer, Subject Matter

Kevin leads Subject Matter, a creative advocacy agency in Washington D.C., building their work on substance and the art of persuasion. His job is to inspire cross-disciplinary experts in developing strategic ideas — everything from traditional advertising and design to guerilla tactics and digital experiences. His true talent lies in crafting campaigns on a simple and memorable human truth. Kevin’s work engages audiences, generating results for clients and hardware for the agency. Ask what he’s proudest of and he’ll answer, “working with good people who push for great work.”

Jason Free, Director of Creative Production, Subject Matter

Jason conceives, shoots, edits and produces videos, 3D animation and motion graphics for the firm’s diverse clients. His work before joining Subject Matter included time on the road with the band U2, creating tour visuals for their 360 World Tour and co-editing their 2007 feature-length concert film, “U2 3D.” He’s also created marketing videos for Apple in Cupertino. Before working with Apple and U2, Jason worked with director Mark Pellington, helping produce the film The Mothman Prophecies as well as producing and editing music videos for Kings of Leon, Bruce Springsteen and Dave Matthews. Jason got his start working in the feature film creative department at The Walt Disney Studios in Burbank after graduating from The University of Southern California.


Jeff Campangna, Photo Editor, Smithsonian Magazine

Jeff Campagna is a photography editor at Smithsonian magazine and has been with the magazine since 2004. He’s collaborated on numerous award-winning projects, receiving recognition from American Photography, SPD, BOP and the World Press Photo Awards. Jeff regularly contributes arts and culture pieces to Smithsonian.com. He is an award-winning songwriter and a graduate of Bucknell University.


Anna Marina Savvidis, Photo Director, Washingtonian Magazine

Anna Marina Savvidis is the photo director at Washingtonian magazine. Prior to joining Washingtonian, Anna worked in the photo departments at SeventeenREDBOOKDr. Oz THE GOOD LIFE and most recently, Rachael Ray Everyday magazine in New York City. She holds degrees in magazine journalism and studio art from the University of Maryland. When she’s not art directing or producing photo shoots, you can find Anna home in Gaithersburg with her husband, surrounded by 30 underutilized cookbooks and a nook full of semi-thriving plants.

Social Media Techniques

Social Media Techniques

Post For the Job You Want: Making the Most of Social Media

Presented by: Alex Snyder, Communications Director for The Photo Society

When: Wednesday, September 27th, 7 pm – 9 pm

Where: Dupont Underground (Yes, that’s right! The old trolly station under Dupont Circle!) 19 Dupont Circle NW, Washington, DC

Entrance next to the Starbucks on the Northside of the Circle.

Pre-Sale Tickets for APA Members start on Tuesday 9/5! Get your tickets HERE


About The Speaker:

Alex Snyder is a photojournalist and social media specialist. As the Communications Director for The Photo Society, a group of over 170 National Geographic photographers, Alex manages and grows an online community of over 5 million. He often consults with biggest names in photography on how to manage and grow their brands. Alex’s work has taken him around the world and has been published by the National Geographic Society, Smithsonian, NPR, New York Times, Time, Vogue, Marie Claire and many others. Alex lives in Alexandria, Virginia with his partner and two cats–only one of the cats has a Facebook.

SOS August 27th!

Join us on Sunday, August 27th from 11am-5pm for an in-depth exploration various lighting modifiers, and more! 
Please bring any equipment you would like to experiment with. This event is intended to go beyond the demo though, onsite demonstrations will kick off the event.
HOIST is a boutique studio in Fairfax VA that caters to creative professionals who appreciate high production capability and great value.
Our Host, Carlton Wolfe is a DC-based editorial and commercial photographer who loves to experiment with (and talk about) the process and technique of creating interesting and expressive visuals in-camera. Check out some of his experiments on Instagram (@carltonwolfe) 
You can get your tickets HERE

SOS on April 30th!

Join us on Sunday, April 30th from 11am-5pm for an in-depth exploration various lighting modifiers, and more! 

Please bring any equipment you would like to experiment with. This event is intended to go beyond the demo though, onsite demonstrations will kick off the event.
HOIST is a boutique studio in Fairfax VA that caters to creative professionals who appreciate high production capability and great value.
Our Host, Carlton Wolfe is a DC-based editorial and commercial photographer who loves to experiment with (and talk about) the process and technique of creating interesting and expressive visuals in-camera. Check out some of his experiments on Instagram (@carltonwolfe) 
You can get your tickets HERE

DC Creative Industry Happy Hour – Feb. 22

DC Creative 022217_LOGONEW

We’re pleased to announce our third annual creative industry happy hour specifically where members of APA|DC and ASMP|DC will host members of AAF DC (American Advertising Federation), AIGA DC (American Institute of Graphic Arts), AMA DC (American Marketing Association) and other specially invited art directors, photo editors, and creatives.

This is not a job interview or the time to show your portfolio, but rather a chance to get to know our counterparts in the agency, publishing, and communications world in a relaxing environment. So, leave your books at home and get ready to meet some really interesting image creators and users.

Wednesday, February 22, 6–9pm

Local 16 (1602 U Street, Washington, DC)

$15, advance registration only.  This includes one drink and light food.



Join us at 2:30 PM on Wednesday 12/7 for a Coffee Break over at the newly reopened Smithsonian National Gallery of Art’s East Wing Gallery. We will meet in the Terrace Cafe and have an informal discussion on looking forward to 2017. Afterwards we will visit the Photography Reinvented show. This event is FREE and open to EVERYONE.

You can RSVP on facebook here.

WHEN: Wednesday 12/7/16 @ 2:30 PM

WHERE: Smithsonian National Gallery of Art in the Terrace Cafe

CLOSEST METRO: Green/ Yellow Line Navy Memorial/ Archives stop

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