DC Board of Directors

Do you want to take a more active role in APA|DC?

We need motivated, energetic people like you to help bring more outstanding seminars and events to our community. We’re always looking for a few more members to join APA DC and the APA DC board.

As an APA DC member you will:

  • Help generate new and innovative programs
  • Help the Washington DC Chapter grow
  • Network with other photographers and creatives
  • Keep informed about photography programs and activities
  • Contribute to the APA|DC website
  • Strengthen the chapter through your involvement
  • Support issues that affect photographers in our community

Short on time? Then consider simply helping out with an event of your choice. Often times the help you provide can be the difference between an event happening or not. Thanks for your support!

APA|DC Email:  info@apadc.com

Regional Director:

Erika Nizborski 202-617-0593 | director@apadc.com


Jason Hornick  703.909.4814

Board Members:

Robb Scharetg 202-470-2445

Carlton Wolfe 703-200-7576

Anthony Herfort 202-999-8289

Jessica Yurinko 724-689-3823

Cameron Davidson

If you are an APA member and would like to volunteer for the APA|DC board or any of our committees, please contact one of the members listed above.