April 2013

April Featured Member : Mike Morgan


 Photo and Interview by Mike Olliver


Where are you from, and how did you enter the DC region? Where do you currently live?

I’m originally from a little town called Pacific Grove, California. I was going to college out west and suffering from wanderlust and decided I’d take some time off from school and travel. I ended up in Baltimore and thought I’d better start looking at going to school again; I chose the University of Maryland and I’ve been in the area ever since. After I closed my studio in Silver Spring, my wife and I moved to Annapolis for a couple of years, and now we’ve just bought a house out on Kent Island.

 When did you realize you would become a professional photographer?

 Well oddly, I think it’s more accurate to say I had a moment when I realized I *had* become a professional photographer. I started shooting after college and followed a few opportunities and my career took off pretty early, but initially I thought I’d ride it out for a while and then start applying for grad schools. It didn’t slow down for a very long time and I was having a lot of fun along the way, and at a certain point I realized this is what I was doing with my life. It was never a goal when I was younger though, I always thought I’d have a much more traditional job.

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Magic Hour | Happy Hour – April 17th, Liberty Tavern

Magic Hour|Happy Hour - April 17th

We’re back in Northern Virginia with a vengeance! Please join us post tax season for a drink at The Liberty Tavern in the Clarendon neighborhood of Arlington, VA for our 4th monthly Magic Hour|Happy Hour. Mingle with other photo industry people and consider it a write-off for next year!***

The When

Wednesday, April 17th. 6 pm to way past our bedtimes.


The Where

The Liberty Tavern
3195 Wilson Blvd.
Arlington, VA 22201
Nearest Metro – Clarendon Station.

The Why

Tax Season is over!

*** we are not CPAs so don’t take this as financial advice. Besides, don’t believe everything you read on the internet!


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